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BMA, Inc. utilizes the latest resources and the most determined individuals to achieve greatness. In a fast pace and dynamic industry, BMA Inc. remains at the forefront by accessing vital tools and relying on well-established connections. The core of our company is constructed of essential elements that are constantly adapting to change. We are prepared and encouraging of challenges thrown our way!

Our company is made up of intelligent and driven individuals that cover all aspects of our agency. Our boarding agents are vastly experienced in all areas of vessels operations, proper procedures and owners/charterers matters. Boarding agents are capable of performing a wide array of tasks to ensure that the job gets done. In addition, our professional staff works around the clock to keep operations smooth sailing. Each member of our team possesses the drive, experience and knowledge to properly achieve the satisfaction of our company and ultimately our principals. Our reputation is upheld by the professionalism our team contributes. The combination of professional team players, along with the knowledge and motivation they possess leads BMA Inc. to be one of a kind.

The resources utilized by our team play a tremendous role in the success of our business. BMA Inc. makes use of up-to-date technology and electronic notification systems to assess all aspects of operations. This capability allows us to conduct business around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The end result of such an ability leads our principals to comfortably reach out to us whenever they see fit. Vessel owners and charterers can stay up to date and receive peace of mind when it comes to their needs. The communication ability of BMA Inc. allows conduct of business with NO room for mistakes or uncertainty. All matters are and will be professionally handled by us and reported to the appropriate personnel.

We value our business, but we value our principals' much more. BMA Inc. constantly strives to be a cut above the rest in employing the most qualified individuals and providing them with the essential tools needed to successfully complete their tasks.