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Company Vision

BMA Inc. is based in Los Angeles, CA but its vision has unfolded to cover the entire U.S. West Coast in its operations. We strive to remain a reputable agency that provides reliable services and assurances to partners we vow to represent. Local and foreign vessel owners and charterers are assured that their shipping services will be met by BMA Inc.'s promise to uphold the highest level of services available. Peace of mind is what we pride ourselves with when it comes to catering to companies who entrust their business in our hands.

Through local offices and subsidiaries, we are not limited to representation on the U.S. West Coast. Our vision continues to grow, as our business grows, to building an entity that aims towards perfection and satisfaction. Our team of field agents and professional staff obtain the highest levels of professionalism and demeanor which keeps BMA Inc. a leader in maritime services. Our attributes allow us to ensure our clients that no challenge they seek is out of reach.

Built from the vision of excellence, BMA Inc. progresses through the 21st century leading the way. This vision drives us to serve our principals by providing reliable and satisfactory results that will not disappoint. We value their visions and take it upon ourselves to assist them in growing exponentially.

There is no limit....